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Summer League Rules 2019

  1. Please note the start time of your game. Games must start promptly. Games will last for 70 minutes.
  2. The 1st named team will provide the match ball.
  3. The 2nd name team will change in the event of a colour clash. Colours will be posted on the centre website Here.
  5. Points awarded are 3 for a win, 1 for a draw.
  6. Results and scorers must be written on the card behind the bar.
  7. If teams are level on points at the end of the league their position will be determined by:
    1. goal difference,
    2. goals scored,
    3. results between the two teams.
  8. If teams fail to fulfil a fixture the opposition will be awarded a 3-0 victory.
  9. Payment for matches should be made over the bar before the game commences. The fee is £55 per team per game.
  10. Teams cancelling games will still be liable for the £55 match fee.
  11. Any disputes will be dealt with by the Summer League Organisers, and their decision will be Final.
  12. The competition will either be a round robin, with each team playing each other twice or a single round robin followed by the league splitting into top and bottom teams and round robin played for cup and plate.
  13. No games will be re-arranged except in exceptional circumstances.  If you are not able to fulfil a fixture, your opposition will be awarded a walkover.
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