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Southgate Summer Football League Rules 2016


1. The league will be affiliated to the Middlesex FA.

2. Teams will pay their fee prior to kick off and will give the token for play to the referee prior to kick off.  No token = delayed kick off = possible late start = possible goal awarded.

3. It is the team captains’ responsibility to report goal scorers on their team sheet immediately after the match has finished.  All unallocated goals shall be ‘written off’ with regard to the top-scorers list.

4. A team cancelling a game or not showing up will charged the match fee and the points and a 5- 0 win will be awarded to the opposition.

5. 3 points shall be awarded for a win and 1 point for a draw.  In the event of teams being level on points, their placing in the league will depend on goal difference, then goals scored, then by results between them, and if required, by the toss of the coin to take place in front of the centre management.


6. All players shall wear suitable footwear.  If a game is on grass, normal studs can be worn.  Any game on the astro, players must wear dimple astro or trainers only.  Anyone not wearing the right footwear will not be allowed to play.

7. Shin pads must be worn and covered in the normal manner.

8. Players without shinpads will not be allowed to play.

9. The balls used will be size 5 and will be supplied by the league.  Substitutes and non players are expected to look for lost balls in order to maintain the smooth running of the match. 

10. Team colours will be posted on website.  Black shirts are not allowed.  Teams wearing black will not be allowed and the game will be awarded to the opposition. 

11. Goalkeepers shall wear distinguishing colours from both their own team and the opposition and the referee.


12 Matches will kick-off sharp, usually at 7pm, 8pm and 9pm or 7.30 and 8.30 depending on the number of teams entering the league.  Start times may be adjusted if matches are added in or taken out, but you will be notified if this happens

13 The game will be considered ready to start if a team has at least 5 players present.

14 A game will consist of 2 equal periods of 25 minutes.  The only added time will be at the discretion of the referee.  

15 Squads will consist of a maximum of 10 players.

16 Substitutes/supporters must stand behind their own goal for both halves of the game.

17 Matches will commence with kick-off.  The ball is in play once it has been kicked and moves (forwards or backwards).  The non-kicking team will remain at least 5 yards from the centre of the pitch.


18 Late teams shall be penalized by 1 goal against them per whole 5 minutes late up to a maximum of 3 goals (fifteen minutes late).  

19 After 15 minutes the non-offending team will be awarded a 5-0 win and no game will be played.

20 Due to the tight schedule of the league, matches that start late will have time deducted up to a maximum of 10 minutes i.e. a minimum of 20 minutes each way will be played.  This is to prevent non-playing teams starting their matches late.


21 All laws shall be the same as 11-a-side unless otherwise stated.

22 No sliding tackles allowed

23 There shall be no offside law.  

24 From “goal kicks” goalkeepers must throw the ball out to another player.  

25 Opponents will stand 5 yards from free kicks

26 All substitutes will operate on a ‘rolling’ basis and can only happen in a break of play and with the permission of the referee.  


27 If a player gets a yellow card he will spend 5 minutes in the sin bin on the half way line nearest the fence.

28 Players with two yellows receive a one game ban.

29 All straight reds receive a minimum of 1 game ban depending on the severity of the offence.

30 Players who persistently infringe the laws may be expelled from the league along with their team.

31 A match will not be considered valid if the playing strength of either team becomes less than 5 players at any stage during the match.  The game will therefore be forfeited at a score of 5-0 or greater if the non-offending team were winning by a greater margin e.g. 6-0.

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